Application Deadline is April 8th
May 11-31, 2024
Garden City, SC
The Leadership Project is a 3-week experience for college students that provides an opportunity to grow spiritually and develop leadership and character.
Dinner 3x a week
Training Materials
*$900 for Wofford students.
Fundraising training is available if you choose to raise funds. The total cost is due about a week before LP begins.
College logos: Georgia Tech, Clemson Tigers, USF, Georgia Bulldogs, Presbyterian College, WCU Catamount
Join students from other colleges!
College logos: FSU Mocs, Benedict Tigers, USC Gamecocks, Wofford Terriers, SEU FireCollege logos: Georgia Tech, Clemson Tigers, USF, Georgia Bulldogs, Presbyterian College, WCU Catamount, FSU Mocs, Benedict Tigers, USC Gamecocks, Wofford Terriers, SEU Fire
Spend the first few weeks of your summer experiencing God as you live alongside peers, sharing life and making memories.
Learn and grow in your walk with Jesus; whether you are exploring Christianity for the first time or have been walking with God for awhile.
Leave the LP with character, skills, and experience to be a leader on your campus and in the world after graduation.

Week at a Glance

LP24 Week at a glance chart
See below for descriptions to these featured blocks and additional events not shown.

*Blocks in blue are mandatory times. This is just a general weekly schedule; time blocks are subject to change.



Devote yourself and your day to God through an extended time of personal and small group Bible study and prayer each morning.


Every Sunday, you will attend a local church with your region. We highly value the local church, so we've made attending church a part of your summer experience.

Free Time

Whether you want to rest & reflect during this time, get errands done, connect with staff, or go do something fun with friends - the option is yours! Within walking distance there's the beach, arcade, coffee shop, fishing pier, basketball courts, and marsh boardwalk!

Group Night

Each student will be living with a group of 3-4 participants. On this night, you will connect with your roommates in meaningful conversation about yourself and the things you've been learning as well as experience life together!


Gather with everyone in the main common area for a provided catered dinner three times a week. Dietary restrictions will be accommodated for.


From scavenger hunts to field days, sand castle building competitions, and jousting... our socials team knows how to create fun!

Training Sessions

Over the summer, you will learn more about God and how to follow Jesus. These are teaching and workshop times led by Campus Outreach staff about topics listed below.

  • Bible Study - The Bible is a big book and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! You will explore the main theme of the Bible and learn what it has to say about your life and following Jesus in tangible ways. You will learn practical tools to help understand what the Bible has to say on your own and with others.
  • Prayer - Praying can be intimidating and sometimes feel aimless, but it doesn't have to be. During Jesus’s life on earth, he often went away to be alone and pray to God because of His continual fellowship with his Father. Learn the why & hows of prayer at these trainings.
  • Evangelism - Ever feel awkward bringing up faith? Learn how to navigate conversations about faith in a more natural way to both friends and strangers. At training you will learn a illustration to communicate the gospel.
  • Stewardship - This stage of life is when many form convictions and patterns on how to steward the life God has given them. At training, you will look at what God's word says to topics such as stewarding our resources, time, and body to help you navigate life.
Theme & Worship Nights

There are many powerful themes in the Bible, and each summer we select one unique biblical theme to focus and study on. On these nights, we will dive deep into this theme and also worship God through songs.


These seminars are about unique topics that are most relevant to you in this season of life. (1) Girls/Guys Time, (2) Relationship Seminar, (3) Diversity Night

Mobilization Training

At the end of the Project, explore next step opportunities for you whether you are going back to school or graduating college. Learn what it might look like for you to be a part of what God is doing on your campus and in the world!

Gauntlet (Optional Workout)

Are you an athlete or just like to get your body moving? Join us at Gauntlet on weekday mornings and jumpstart your day with a fun & challenging group workout!

This could be the summer of your life!
What are you waiting for?


Here is what students have to say about LP!

I was able to develop deep, gospel-centered friendships with those not only my age but also with upperclassmen. The examples these guys set for me and also being able to attend sessions and grow together was a spring board for my relationship with Jesus stepping into the rest of my summer and the school year ahead.

‍(Clemson University)

Before CO in college, I never really had a Christian community who invested in me and taught me, so my freshman year at LP significantly impacted my individual growth.

(Wofford College)

The most important thing I learned at LP is how to share my faith with others. Campus Outreach is unparalleled in giving students tools in how to effectively spread the gospel not only with students on their campuses but also people in other circles of their lives.

(Wofford College)

It was an incredible place for me to discern what the Lord wanted for my life, all the while getting to do that in a community of people who were both figuring it out and loved the Lord to build me up and encourage me!

(Clemson University)